Don’t go 

Duration: 15min / loop

Don’t go is a video portrait that tries to influence the audience with gestures, expressions and speech, so that they stay with the artwork as long as possible.

Exhibiton view form the exhibition Here we are
10–26.1.2020, Project Room, Helsinki (FI). Photo: ©Iiri Poteri
Exhibiton view form the exhibition Can’t Leave Home Without It 17.10–7.11.2019, Multimedijalni Kulturni Centar, Split (HR). Photo: ©Iiri Poteri

Hey it’s me, the representation of the face. Nice to meet you. Are you already tempted to move on? You people seem to be so busy all the time. What is so important? I think you should stay here – with me.

Excerpts from the video work Don’t go.

Still images from the video work Don’t go. Photos: ©Iiri Poteri