hand in hand

Participatory performance
Performer and cotton glove.

Performer gives an exhibition tour for just one person at a time. The tour is walked hand in hand, and the performer wears a cotton glove.

hand in hand, 2023. Photos: ©Noora Lehtovuori & ©Iiri Poteri.

“hand in hand” is an invitation to experience visual art in an intimate relation. How does this simple act affect the meeting of two people – performer and visitor – and their experience of visual art?

Installation views of hand in hand in the exhibition In Continuous Dialogue: Tracing Memories, 22.1.2023, curated by Noora Lehtovuori, Oksasenkatu 11 gallery, Helsinki (FI). Art pieces in the background of the photos 1 and 2: Crazy Daisy by Kaisa Maasik. Photos: ©Noora Lehtovuori