Part 1 - White 

Duration: ~ 20 min

Vibrating Raspberries is a working group, which began as a duet and later became a trio. The agenda for this interdisciplinary grop is to bring joy – at lest to the working group itself. Interested in material, landscape, nonsenses, spaces, work well-being and movement, the group works with relationality, play and freedom of pondering. Member’s of the group are Iiri Poteri, Salla Rytövuori and Pauliina Sjöberg.

Vibrating Raspberries. Photo: ©Iiri Poteri.

Part 1 – White, is a beginning, emptiness, starting point and a landscape to build up from, a trial and a small pratfall. It is the first part of an unborn trilogy.

Part 1 - White, URB 16 Festival, 2016, Kiasma, Helsinki (FI). Photos: ©Simo Karisalo.