Exhibition host
Participatory performance, 2023

Performer, shirt and hanger.

During the exhibition period, the role of an exhibition invigilator is changed to a host, who meets and talks with visitors about fine art and its meaning. The host is present in the exhibition on certain days.

“Exhibition host” examines the connection between the invigilator and visitor in the context of visual arts and exhibition setting. The performative piece explores what kind of encounters it is possible to create in the exhibition setting and how artworks can generate discussions.

Exhibition host, 2023.

Installation views of Exhibition host in the exhibition In Continuous Dialogue: Tracing Memories 8.1.–29.1.2023, curated by Noora Lehtovuori, Oksasenkatu 11 gallery, Helsinki (FI). Photos: Noora Lehtovuori ja Noora Sandgren.